Sport Outfit + Bra's || NEW IN

Today I went to the city on my search for a bra because I only had one left that wasn't broken. When I went to the Hunkemöller I found not only a nice set of bra's, but also an adorable sport outfit! I have been looking for such a sport outfit for a long time and I was happy to find this amazing one with pink details!

I really like this top because it's simple, but because of the bended lines on the side you look slimmer. I also am in love with grey, even though some people might consider this boring. I especially like this color because it makes the pink in my leggings stand out more. 

I actually don't know if it's normal to show bra's on your blog, but who cares? I mean, every women wears them so it should be normal. Of course these bra's also have straps, but I liked the photo better without them. I personally don't really like to wear strapless bra's because they never stay where they should stay. Do you have the same problem? Let me know! 

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