Monthly Anna || December 2014

Last month I did some cooking for a Christmas dinner with friends, took a selfie with 11 people, set up a fire, was in a YouTube show, went on skiing holiday and more. Curious at all the things I did in the last month of 2014? This article is yours! In the section monthly Anna I will give you an insight into my life every month. I hope you enjoy!

So, we had an amazing dinner with friends and everyone made some different food. I was responsible for the salad and my other friends delivered wraps, pancakes, meat, bread and more! Afterwards we took a selfie with all of us and it was quite a challenge to get everyone in the selfie! 

I went to the Sting to buy a party outfit and I couldn't skip the amazing Starbucks afterwards. I finally bought one of their mugs after a long time of doubt. It is some investment, but it's definitely worth it! It's the perfect take-away cup! 

I also visited a birthday party of two friends and we had a lot of fun! 

We finally could set up the fire in our fireplace again! I made this fire on my own :D

Suddenly people where commenting on my Instagram photos that I won and I was totally confused until I saw the new Polished video on YouTube with Amanda Steele! I was so exicted that they let me win, even though I did not really win a price. I always watch Amanda's videos (MakeupByMandy24 is her channel) and it made my day! 

After lots of work we finished our school report. It is the biggest school report I have ever written and it is about the business plan of an online personal styling service for women. It was so interesting to work on and now I definitely got excited to set up my own business in the future! 

After the Christmas celebration in our school I went packing my bags for skiing holiday! YEAY! It's my favorite holiday of the year!

This was a breakfast I took from the buffet in our hotel. 

This is me! LOL. It was just a random photo my sister took of me. Unfortunately I didn't really take photos of me skiing or anything, but I hope you like this one! :D

During Christmas we had a delicious dinner! 

In the car, driving back to the airport! I was looking back at all the amazing things we did this holiday.

Just to get used to not having amazing food every time we decided to have this as a dessert..

I finally went to the Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1! Then I saw this poster and I really want to go to Insurgent as well! I have read all the divergent books and they are kind of addicting...

On New Years day I put on some nail polish and we invited our grandparents on new years eve to play games and just have some relaxing time! It was very cozy and nice to see them again.

I hope you enjoyed this article, let me know if you would like to see more monthly Anna articles on my blog! 

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