Tony Cohen January 2015 || Fashion Week

Yesterday I went to Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam with Jill. I met her there for the first time and she was so sweet! We had a lot of fun at the fashion show and her outfit looked amazing, just saying. Her first guest blogger post is up as well. For the Dutch people: we sat only a couple of seats behind Fred van Leer, B-Brave and  Euvgenia Parakhina. On top of that: Kim Feenstra was a model during this show. Funny to see all of these famous people in real life. We also got a goodiebag from Makeup studio with an eye shadow. Click read more for some fashion show photos!

It was a very long catwalk, we were in section H, row 5.

I really liked the unusual choice of models. This resulted in a lot of diversity throughout the show, which, especially at the male models, somehow made the garments look more dynamic. Check out the man on this photo, how cool is his hair? I love it!

A few models were wearing such a hat, what do you think about it? I'm not sure yet... Tell me in the comments whether this is a yeay or nay for you!

And of course they couldn't skip the grand finale!

The main colors in this show were black, grey, white and red. I especially loved the red items. Many times the dresses of women consisted of lace material and a lot of dresses had an open back.

It was a lot of fun and I'm very blessed to be invited to such an amazing show. It is all because you read my blog and I'm very very thankful for this. I love you all so much!

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  1. Wat gaaf en ook leuk dat je Jill daar hebt ontmoet! Lijkt me mooie show!

  2. this is awesome, great pics!

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  3. Lijkt me een prachtige show, mooie foto's! En hoe tof om al die mensen in het echt te zien haha<3
    X Emma

  4. Heel gaaf was het! Ik vond de sexy zwarte jurkjes met kant heel erg mooi. :) Wat een leuke foto van jou en Jill samen trouwens! :) Liefs, Rowan

  5. Gaaf. Leuk om zo nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten. xx

  6. Hele mooie show en inderdaad een interessante keuze voor modellen, maakt het wel leuk juist die verschillende soort mensen!

  7. Nice outfits!

  8. You were so lucky to see that fashion show! It looks amazing! ^^


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