Happy Socks Spring Summer 2015

I'm so happy because I got some amazing press mail today! I would love to share this exclusive insight in the new Happy Socks collection which will be out this Spring/Summer 2015! I'm totally in love with the collection and the Swedish socks brand is also introducing underwear and the athletic line which is mainly for sports! Now you can go fashionable to your hockey club or basketball competition! I hope you enjoy these impressions! 

These are definitely a couple of my favorites, but honestly, I can not chose. As you can see. I love all the socks because they are so colorful! I'm definitely going to invest in some pairs next season. 


I just had to show you this picture, how cute?!

Use the athletic line to be fashionably sporty! 

I'm totally in love with the casual style of the impressions. It seems like they had a lot of fun while shooting these photos. 


And of course a few underwear impressions! 

You can also buy a gift set with a matching underwear and pair of socks!

What do you think of this new Happy Socks line? Do you already own a pair of happy socks or do you prefer another brand? I'd love to know: the comments are all yours! ;-)

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  1. Ik hou echt van Happy Socks en ik draag ze zelf dan ook bijna elke dag! Ze hebben bovendien ook echt een goede kwaliteit want die van mij zijn na een lange tijd nog lang niet versleten! :)

  2. Ah, ze zijn zo vrolijk! Daarom vind ik ze echt gaaf!


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