Beauty UK Cosmetics Review

Do you also love it so much to check out new things? Well, I tried something new and I'm happy to tell you: I love it! I'm not going to deny it but beauty UK Cosmetics is amazing! I recently found out about their web shop and I couldn't wait to order a few things just to see if it works out. Today I will be reviewing their baked blush, bronzer, lip vinyl and eye shadow palette. Click read more to see how it turned out!

This lip vinyl is very pink and also very pigmented. I love the soft applicator and in the beginning this lip vinyl has a beautiful shine! It lasts all day (even after eating tons of pizza) and in the end of the day it turns into a beautiful matte color. 

Then this lovely eye shadow palette! Perfect for festival makeup! The pigmented colors and the mirror inside make this palette work for me. It contains a nice applicator, but you can, of course, also use your own makeup brushes. Some of the colors contain a little bit of shine which is just enough to make your eyes sparkle.

I love all these bright colors so much and you can make many adorable combinations on your eyes with them. Make your look brighter with colors like yellow and white, or darker with blue, purple and black. 

Then this beautiful bronzer! You can choose for a very subtle bronzer by just using the lighter colors or a heavier bronzer by mainly using the very darkest colors of this bronzer. Whatever you choose, this bronzer will look very natural when applied on your skin. It gives your face just that tan it needs and the shimmers inside give your look a nice glow. 

The last product I tried is this baked blush and this will probably be my favorite right now as well. It has some shimmer which is lovely for spring and summer. Also it contains a good size mirror and the box looks so cute! 

This blush worked out really well on my skin. As you can see it gives my skin a little glow and just that amount of color my cheeks need. Smile and apply this blush on the apples of your cheeks and you are ready to rock your look! It's a perfect finishing touch for a natural look. 

I'm in love with this products, as you might understand from my review. I wasn't paid or anything to mention all those positive aspects, I just really love these products and I have used them a lot of times already (except for the eyeshadow which is a little too dramatic for an everyday look, but perfect for parties and festivals though..).

What do you think of these products and did you ever try out anything of this brand before? Let me know in the comments! 

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