My third VIP box review || BEAUTY

My first VIP box was awesome, my second one not as good as the first one but okay and now I received my third VIP box already! I'm very happy with it! It really contained some beautiful things I can always use like a shining lip gloss, scrub glove and a clear nail polish. I am also very curious if you are a member of a beauty box. This is my first membership and until now I'm very satisfied! I love it! Also tell me in the comments what you think about the VIP box!

So first of all there was a clear nail polish in this box from Nail Girls. I'm very curious at this product since it's not on the markets yet. In September it will be announced at London fashion week and I just have it in my hands already. It promises to be a 3 in 1: base/top coat and nail strengthener. If it really works? I didn't test it yet, but let me know in the comments if you want a full review on this polish. At least it looks nice and a girl can never have enough clear nail polishes, right? This nail polish will be €10,-.

This is the Dermasuri and I already love the box. It looks very chic, just as the glove itself. It promises to remove dead skin cells, just as impurities and makes sure you will get a revitalized skin as well. I didn't test it out yet, but it definitely feels like a scrub glove. I also like the bright green edge of this glove. It is available for €14.95. 

The best thing in this box (according to me and my eyes), is this lip gloss from ĂȘtre belle. It looks stunning! I can't believe it! I saw the box and immediately hoped for the best and when I opened it up, this beauty came out! I love the diamonds on top and the shiny gloss inside. It's a perfect color for my lips and is available for €17.95 (see picture above of my face, I'm actually wearing this gloss). 

Another adorable thing is this Boho balm from MeMeMe. It smells like coconut and adds a subtle tint to your cheeks or lips. It contains jojoba oil, which makes your skin or lips soft. You can purchase it for €7.95. 

Finally this brown eye pencil (also from ĂȘtre belle). I really like this idea. I only own a few black eyeliners so this will definitely be a great add to my eyeliners. I can't wait to use it for a subtle everyday look! You can purchase it for €5.95.

I totally loved this box, let me know in the comments what you think! You can be a member of the VIP box as well, it's €12.50 per month and when you order this box for multiple months you get a discount.

This is not an advertorial or anything, I just really like this box and am a member, so why not show it to you? XOXO Anna

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  1. I've never heard of this box!


  2. Hmmm I am curious about the dermasuri

  3. Ik ben sinds kort helemaal gestopt met de boxen. De inhoud was toch nooit 100% naar mn zin. Mooie review


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