Bikini Time!

Summer is getting closer and closer and that's why I decided to order a new bikini. I love this one from Sensation Of Night so much. It wasn't expensive at all and they have a lot of adorable bikini's in the most colorful colors. I also decided to go for a nice lace cover up so I can walk stylish on the beach. I especially like such cover ups with those bright colored bikini's (like this one). Click read more for more information on this bikini!

I think the quality-price combination of this bikini is very good. It feels good and you get a nice bikini without having to spend a lot of money on it. The only disadvantage I found with this bikini is the top. You can just order it as a one piece. Normally this would not be a problem, but my chest is pretty flat (unfortunately, but I can't help it). This top is way too big for me. For the rest fits the size with your regular size.

You can close it on the back.You can also adjust the size a bit because of the laces you can fold into a bow yourself.

The cover up wasn't as white as expected, but still I really like the idea of it! Just remember it's a one size. So if you are really tall I wouldn't order this cover up. For me it's on the short side but okay (I'm 1.77 meter which is 5.8 feet).

The bikini is available in 8 different colors, it costs $19.95 (€14.37) and I think it's a lovely bikini! Especially because the bows and laces on the side are contrasting with the rest. It looks so colorful and happy!

Does this bikini not really fit your style, but are you still looking for the perfect, inexpensive bikini? Then you might want to take a look on the bikini page of Sensation of night. They also have a lot more inexpensive cover ups.

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