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If I'm very enthusiastic about a specific product, I love to share it. Lately I haven't been discovering a lot of outstanding beauty and makeup products, but these are just the bomb. They are the Color Riche eye color pencils from L'Oreal Paris. If I had the chance I would purchase them in every existing color, but that will be too pricy for me unfortunately. I only buy things from such brands when they have a great discount, like 1+1 free. These are €9.99 each, but I got them in such a discount so I saved 50%. First I bought two, and then I bought two colors extra because they are just so perfect. Click read more for the review!

I bought the colors 06 Delicate Beige, 09 Charming White, 10 Sugar Vanilla and 11 Lovely Lilas. All the colors have a tiny amount of shimmer inside, but this is barely visible in the purple and gold one. I love how pigmented these colors are and they will last all day long: perfect for a party or festival!

The only disadvantage of this product would be the small amount of product inside this eye color pencil. You can not turn the product upwards and the side is made of plastic so the amount of product inside is just the little visible triangle. I really hope they will last for a long time but I don't think they will.

What do you think of these Color Riche eye pencils? Do you already own one and what color? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Love the purple and silver color :D


  2. Love the colour, my favourite is purple ;)

  3. Prachtige kleuren en de pigmentatie is echt super <3

  4. These are stunning!


  5. I like it !


  6. Mooie kleurtjes zijn het! Ik ben benieuwd hoe ze je staan ;)

  7. These shades are so pretty, love the metallics. Thanks so much for stopping by...wishing you a productive week ahead!

  8. Such lovely colours - especially that purple shade! :)

    Tara x

  9. wauw wat zijn ze gaaf!


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