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Nothing sounds more horrible than a week full of tests. Especially the preparations can be very confronting. Tomorrow is my last test day and this test week went actually pretty well. Different things were playing a role in this, but the tips provided to you in this post will be useful for any kind of tests, or presentations or anything else. So where are you waiting for? Let's get ready to get awesome marks!

Get ready in time
You are probably not the only person who keeps on procrastination their work. Believe me, most of us do, including me. However, if you really want to get into a university, or pass your exams, or just give a nice presentation to your co-workers, you have to prepare. Starting in time doesn't just help you get a nice result, it also illuminates the stress you will have. Fun fact: two years ago I never learned for any tests, I passed them, but that was because I was at a lower level of education than I was supposed to be. Even though I really could pass my exams, all this procrastinating resulted in a lot of stress since I didn't know what to expect on any test. As soon as I started learning, my marks went up, I felt better and the level of stress was reduced a lot. Also I had a nice holiday in the week before the test week because I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and when, I didn't have to feel crappy about hanging out with friends, because I knew I would make it. So: get your planners out and plan! It's really helpful! :)

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Stay organized
This is probably one of the most frequent tips in this area, but getting organized is crucial for your brains. No distractions, just focus on your work. Move that mess from your desk! Turn of your mobile phone and concentrate. It will save you so much time if you are not distracted! Fun fact: when we went to Japan we learned to meditate. It really helps to do something like this, or yoga, to 'clean your head'. 

Look forward
Learning for your tests isn't specifically a skill, it's also a mindset. Plan something nice right after your test week so you know, if you work hard right now, you can have some fun afterwards. It will help to keep you motivated. Besides, what are those 2 weeks of learning compared to the entire trimester? That's right: nothing!

Stay motivated
For some people it does, but for me it doesn't at all. Learning for 3 days non-stop, barely eating, doing nothing else than study. It's a no for me. It works much better to divide everything you have to do over about two weeks, a few hours each day. You will memorize everything better because your brain gets to know it all part by part. Also it helps to have some leisure time for yourself. Get moving! Go for a run, go swimming, or just watch that episode of Pretty Little Liars you've always want to see. Still it's best to do something 'movable' since your body needs that after weeks of sitting still behind your desk.

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Have a healthy snack
Every once in a while it's nice to have a snack, but make sure you are being healthy as well. If your body is healthy your brain will be healthier as well. Go for cucumber, little tomatoes, nuts like almonds, macadamias or peanuts, fruit, carrots, rice cakes or raisins as snacks. Take your time to make a delicious smoothie or take some apple juice or green tea.

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Everything said in this article is based on my own experiences. I'm not a professional dietician or test-adviser or anything. If you have any other tips, please leave them in the comments below so people can see them! Good luck with your tests, presentations or any other preparations!

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