MANGO Sale Haul || NEW IN

Recently I discovered a sale section on the MANGO site so I decided to take the opportunity and purchase some clothes. I really was in need of a few basics in my wardrobe so I was mainly looking for those. Eventually I bought only 1 item on sale, typically me.. :D However, I managed to buy pretty affordable clothes so the end price was very very affordable. Click read more to see my purchases!

First of all I decided to buy two different sweaters made of alpaca wool. I totally am in love with how basic they are. Perfect on top of a flannel and some black skinny jeans! 

I also was really in need of a basic white blouse. I already had a blouse but it was more of a creamy color and I really wanted a white one. 

I thought I  bought a black and white basic tee, but I just ordered the white one. I really needed a basic tee because I didn't have one yet! I know: shame on me! 

My last purchase is this jacket. I'm so happy with it! I really love the collar which looks very furry. I can't wait to wear this jacket! How would you style it?

Let me know if you want me to do a post on how I style basic items! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again next time. Btw: I'm working on a new layout right now! I really hope it will be finished soon so I can show it to you! :)

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